Prepare Dog to Meet Baby

Prepare Dog to Meet Baby! A Comprehensive Collection of Baby Sounds on CD to Help You Lovingly Prepare Your Dog or Cat for the Arrival of Your Baby

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Preparing Pets for Baby Arrival
The ORIGINAL Dog Training CD with over 10,000 Satisfied Customers
Preparing Pets for Baby Arrival
Recommended and Used by Parents, Veterinarians and Animal Trainers
Preparing Pets for Baby Arrival
The Best CD for your money with 45 minutes of Baby Sounds!
Preparing Pets for Baby Arrival
Includes FREE Training Tips from The Humane Society of the U.S.
Preparing Pets for Baby Arrival
Created by Dr. Shawn Hrncir, Phd, Health Educator
CD ONLY $19.50! includes domestic shipping
New Downloadable Version Contains ALL the Same Content as the CD, Including Introduction Tips - ONLY $14.95!

Tip of the Month: While playing your Preparing Fido™ CD, hold a baby doll and pretend to comfort and react to the doll. This allows your dog to begin the transition to meet your baby.

Preparing Fido™ provides the means to train your dog for your baby's new arrival. Preparing Fido™ helps your dog calmly meet your baby by getting your dog accustomed to the sounds of baby long before your baby's appearance in the home. This amazing training tool helps you do this without having to borrow a baby or take your pet to a nursery, thereby easing everyone's transition to your family's new addition. Over 10,000 parents have used Preparing Fido™ to prepare their dog to meet their baby. Animal Behaviorists and Veterinarians around the world recommmend and use Preparing Fido™.

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The Humane Society of the United States says,
"If your family already includes a dog or pet, you'll need to help that first "baby" (Dog, Fido, Spot, Whiskers or Fluffy) adjust to the new one you'll soon bring home." Moreover,The HSUS recommends that parents "Accustom your pet to baby-related noises months before the baby is expected. For example, play recordings of a baby crying . . . ." Your dog and baby can live together in harmony.

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