How to Avoid Having Your Dog Anxious, Afraid, Stressed, Jealous, Resentful, Sad, or Even Angry and Dangerous
When Your Baby Arrives

Prepare Your DOG while YOU are preparing for the arrival of your baby

    • HD Audio Tracks of Sounds EVERY Baby Makes

      11 tracks from screams to coos. 60 minute CD

    • Complete Home Study Program to Prepare Fido for Baby

      65 minute video and 16 PDF files of instructions and checklists

    Listen to this 20 second sample from the  "Change Your Diaper" track

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    Includes the video/DVD, Audio/CD of baby sounds
    All the Documents AND access to the digital, downloadable versions

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    FIVE Reasons WHY cross You MUST Prepare Your Dog and HOW thumbs-up Preparing Fido
    Gives You the Tools To Do It

    crossResearch shows parents often don't recognize what contacts between their dog and child are dangerous

    thumbs-upPreparing Fido includes an extensive document on warning signs that the relationship between your dog and your baby is not going well AND what you need to do about it


    Your routines with your baby - car rides, access to the bed & furniture, and mealtimes - will change what your dog expects and is accustomed to

    thumbs-upPreparing Fido's DVD shows you EXACTLY how to help your dog adjust to sharing space with your baby, and even relinquishing space in special locations like the bed


    The sounds and noises babies make are naturally scary to dogs OR cause them to become agitated, resulting in barking and other anxious behaviors

    thumbs-upBy using the high quality recordings of baby sounds on Preparing Fido you can condition your dog to be calm and relaxed when your baby cries or makes other normal, but to your dog, unusual sounds


    Your dog will want to investigate, and claim as his own, all the new baby equipment, including your baby's toys.  This can result in house soiling, marking and destructive behavior.

    thumbs-upPreparing Fido's DVD programs tells you exactly how to acclimate your dog to all the new equipment BEFORE the baby comes.  Step by step plans included.


    crossMost new parents worry their dogs will be jealous of the baby and/or angry at them for bringing the baby into the family.

    thumbs-upPreparing Fido's DVD program dispels myths and misconceptions about dog behavior and tells you the REAL reasons why your dog could have trouble adapting to your baby and how you can prevent problems

    Here's ALL You Get When You Purchase Preparing Fido® The Complete System TODAY...

    • Preparing Fido High Quality Tracks of Baby Sounds

      cover7211 Tracks Including:

      ⇒Crying Baby   ⇒Breathing, Grunting, Squeaky Baby
      ⇒Try Your Voice Baby   ⇒Cooing Baby
      ⇒Change Your Diaper Baby   ⇒Cooing and Laughing Baby   ⇒Babbling Baby   ⇒Bathing Beauty Baby   ⇒Screaming Baby   ⇒Giggling Baby     ⇒Keep You UP Baby!

      $19.95 includes the CD AND access to the downloadable digital audio files as a BONUS.   Domestic S&H included

    • 65 Minute Video on EXACTLY How to Prepare Your Fido for Your Baby

      welcome babyThis presentation is an expanded version of the classes Dr. Hetts and Dr. Estep taught at area hospitals for over 15 years. ⇒Quiz – to test your knowledge about dogs and babies and myths and misconceptions ⇒How to Adjust Routines –  including car rides, bed and furniture access, whose toys are whose and more ⇒ A Host of Proactive Plans – teaches your dog what to do when you are nursing baby, when baby is napping, you are holding baby, when visitors come and more ⇒ Evaluate Your Dog – a tool to help you identify and address behavioral and medical issues now that could present problems after the baby comes ⇒Bringing Baby Home – a step by step plan to prepare for the big day and how to manage it for a successful first meeting ⇒Common Questions – from jealousy to “acting out” and answers to “What Do I Do When” ⇒Planning for the Future – your baby changes constantly and you’ll need to help your dog adjust ⇒Additional Resources – more training and behavior resources to help you understand your dog, provide for his needs and encourage good behavior $42 for the Digital Streaming mp4 files, and Downloadable PDF Documents (see below).  Add the discs for only $7 which includes domestic S&H

    • 16 PDF Documents

      These are your implementation tools for Preparing Your Fido.  Step by step plans, checklists, guidelines, resources and illustrated instructions that help you implement the Preparing Fido programs which will make your dog ready for the arrival of your baby.

      ⇒Acclimating Your Dog to Your Baby’s Routines
      ⇒Acclimating Your Dog to Your Baby’s Things
      ⇒ Five Step Positive Proaction Problem Prevention Plan
      ⇒What Do You Know About Dogs and Baby Quiz and Answer Key
      ⇒Your Dog’s Evaluation and Scoring Tool
      ⇒Body Language of Dogs Illustrated Guide
      ⇒Evaluating Your Dog’s Routines – As They Are, How They Need to Change
      ⇒Bringing Baby Home Instructions and Checklist
      ⇒What To Do When – Troubleshooting Guide
      ⇒Warning Signs of Potential Problems
      ⇒How to Use the Lure-Reward Method of Training
      ⇒Additional Resources
      ⇒Guidelines for Choosing a Dog Trainer
      ⇒Answers to Common Questions and Problems

      Included with the video package – not sold separately
      $42 for the Digital Streaming mp4 files (see above), and Downloadable PDF Documents.  Add the discs for only $7 which includes domestic S&H

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    Includes the video/DVD, Audio/CD of baby sounds
    All the Documents AND access to the digital, downloadable versions

    PLUS domestic S&H

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